The Monte Rio Amphitheater is the Lower River's showcase for outdoor events. The stage area is surrounded by tall redwoods creating the perfect natural theater under the stars. Sloped lawn seating is bordered by an accessible path to the front for V.I.P. events. This path runs adjacent to the Tennis and Basketball Courts and the Parkside Community Garden. The Amphitheater is home to the Monte Rio Variety Show which has come to almost define the spot. For more than 100 years this annual musical variety show has generated funds that assist local schools, churches and Fire District.

The Amphitheater has also been the site for all types of events such as Picnic Under the Stars, Music in the Park, Women’s Weekend Festival, Autumn Fair and various other fundraisers and craft fairs.

The two story playhouse has space for a ‘green room’, with electrical and sound equipment above. A service road allows for easy movement of vehicles, V.I.P.’s and support staff to the stage area. Both public and reserved parking areas are within a few minutes walking distance. Private restrooms and small concession facility are available for event productions. The Monte Rio Youth Center is located on the south side of the concession facility and is available for rental as well.

(Note: all events over 50 persons must rent additional portable toilets).

The Amphitheater is within a few minutes walking distance from river access (fly-fishing and boat launch), live theater and first-run movies, shops, taverns, restaurants and riverfront lodging.

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1,000 - 1,200 in theater-style seating

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